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Squid is a SaaS tool, that helps its users master the entire spectrum of their email marketing needs - all in one place.

My task was to lead and create the whole user interface for their browser and mobile app, which is customizing AI marketing solutions. That included crafting their own email editor, complex statistic pages and even their own store.


Squid & The CIUX




UI, Webdesign



The Challenge

When the client approached us, they already had an app - lite version built on their special customized AI marketing solution designed to empowered businesses. But there were so many features missing and they needed our help to develop the whole new app based on the lite one. Our goal was to make it stand out in the market and help thousands of users and companies with their business through it.

The Approach

We started with user research and mapping of the whole app from scratch. As Will Smith said - "fail early, fail often, fail forward", we had to catch all the flaws in the early UX stage. First thing where we hit an obstacle. The app was so filled with data and features, that it got slightly over-complicated. But thanks to the strong collaboration between the team and the client we were able to simplify it and make it user-friendly.

The Discovery

How to make it stand out in the market? By studying the competition. I found out, that 90% of other similar software is bright. But why? This was a perfect opportunity to build a pixel-perfect dark UI, to help users focus and guide their attention with minimal distractions. People would use Aim whole day and for that the dark user would work better and it would even reduce eye strain. And there it was - a way of how to stand out in the current market with the design.

Kind words from one of the team membersKind words
from one of the
team members

  • "Lisa is a very unique human being. Not only is she an outstanding UI and web designer, but on top of that she has amazing interpersonal skills. She knows exactly when to step up and take the lead when needed. She has perhaps the greatest work ethics I have ever seen, always ahead of schedule while maintaining a very high quality standard."

    Petr Vaňkát
    Sales & Marketing Manager from Squid

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