OnGraviti - Social Media Platform

OnGraviti is a multi-purpose app for social media, dating, finding new friends, business networking and more. With private feeds, video bios and more features to come.

Monsaur first approached me & CIUX to re-do UX, UI and the whole brand. Once everything was live, Monsaur approached me once again - this time create version 2.0 together with new features. And that's where I took UX from CIUX, obtained research data, and moved OnGraviti to a whole new level.






UX, UI, Webdesign


2.0 In Development

The Challenge

There were 3 goals for version 2.0 - Make onboarding easier for new users, adjust UX & UI to current top dogs of social media apps, and bring more users to OnGraviti. Everything under 2 months with a tight budget. But that did not stop me from making this project a successful one.

The Approach

Since I already established the color pallet and typeface in version 1.0, I could straight up focus on adjusting UX flaws and UI elements. I focused on user's pain points, which were mainly about the speed of interacting with OnGraviti, and added new interactions to make actions smoother and faster, such as the possibility to operate with messages without the need to open them, or moving additional menu down - closer to user's thumb.

The Discovery

I found out that it would be much easier for new users if the onboarding was broken into small parts. And since one of the issues was that OnGraviti was a bit confusing, I hired an illustrator and under my Art Direction, we have created original illustrations for a short tutorial, that was included in the new onboarding process.

Kind words from one of the team membersKind words
from one of the
team members

  • "I'm very confident, that OnGraviti will now be up to par with the market and what people are expecting from an app as far as UX and UI. I will definitely only work with Lisa for any of my UX/UI needs from now on, thanks to her creative way of thinking!"

    Monsaur Othman
    CEO of OnGraviti

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